Zion National Park Bandana

Zion National Park Topo Bandana


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Out in Southwestern Utah in Zion Canyon, there are geological wonders of biblical splendor. Marvel at the clear Virgin River as it carves its way down through the narrow canyons. Stare with awe in the shadow of the Patriarchs and Watchman, monolithic formations that seem alive as they glow red-orange in the setting sun. If you’re brave enough, dare to climb Angel’s Landing. This sheer rock spine will leave you breathless as you gaze 1,500 feet down atop its lofty ridge. Just as it has done so for thousands of years, the grandeur of Zion feeds the spirit of man. * 23.18 in x 23.18 in * 100% Organic Japanse Cotton * Custom Hem * Lightweight * Silky Smooth Print. Unisex

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Material: 100% Cotton

Size:Oversized at 23.18" by 23.18"