"The Good Fight" Organic Cotton Bandana


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default: 100% Organic Cotton

100% Organic Cotton
default: 100% Organic Cotton
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In the midst of an economic, political, social, and environmental crisis, Brazil struggles with internal tension caused by intolerance, income inequality, and government distrust. "The Good Fight" by Estudio Miopia highlights the danger of lending a helping hand in this climate, showcasing that true outlaws are those who promote peace and understanding. This organic cotton bandana, measuring 21'' x 21'', serves as a symbol of hope and respect. Designed by Miopia in São Paolo, Brazil, it supports the charity Instituto Luisa Mell (ilm.org.br). Available in a red, unisex color. 

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Material: 100% Cotton

Size:Oversized at 21" by 21"


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100% Organic Cotton