"Stay Steady" Organic Cotton Bandana


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Material: 100% Organic Cotton

100% Organic Cotton
Material: 100% Organic Cotton
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Emily's design draws inspiration from that balance that exists between different communities - physical, existential, human, natural, etc. – and how 2020 revealed just how fragile that balance can be. If this difficult year has taught us anything, it's to never take the farmers, field workers, grocery clerks, waitstaff, and other essential workers for granted. "Stay Steady" is a beautiful homage to the perseverance of those unsung heroes, along with the sense of shared abundance that has led countless others to donate, share time, and give whatever they can to help the most vulnerable members of their community to get through this difficult time.

Nonprofit Charity Supported: World Central Kitchen

Unisex, green.

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100% Organic Cotton