Newport Beach All-Natural Soy Wax Artisan Candle - Amber Jar or Travel Tin


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Type: Travel Tin

Travel Tin
Amber Jar Candle
Type: Travel Tin, Amber Jar Candle
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Embark on a Sensory Journey to the Sophisticated Shores of Newport Beach

Embark on a sensory journey to the sophisticated shores of Newport Beach with this hand-poured soy wax candle. Available in both a travel-friendly tin and a classic amber glass jar, its refined blend of white thyme, water hyacinth, nectarine, and green balsam evokes the city's coastal elegance, manicured gardens, and luxurious atmosphere. Part of our Pacific Coast collection, it's a scent that transports you to a place of upscale relaxation.

FRAGRANCE PROFILE - White Thyme + Water Hyacinth + Nectarine + Green Balsam

Features You'll Love:

  • Coastal Elegance Fragrance: Experience a fragrance that reflects Newport Beach's luxurious allure – the delicate freshness of white thyme and water hyacinth, a touch of sweet nectarine, and the grounding scent of green balsam.
  • Evokes a Sense of Luxury: Perfect for creating a refined and relaxing atmosphere reminiscent of this upscale coastal city.
  • Eco-Conscious Choice: Made with all-natural soy wax, phthalate-free fragrances, and recycled tin for a sustainable indulgence.
  • Handcrafted with Care: Each candle is meticulously poured by hand, ensuring a unique and high-quality fragrance experience.
  • Two Versatile Options: Choose between the travel-friendly 8 oz tin or the elegant 9 oz amber glass jar, depending on your preference and lifestyle.

Product Specifications

  • Wax: All-natural soy wax
  • Travel Tin: 8 oz silver travel tin with lid (Burn Time: 25 hours)
  • Jar: 9 oz amber glass jar with lid (Burn Time: 40 hours)

Indulge in the coastal elegance of Newport Beach – order your candle today!

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Travel Tin, Amber Jar Candle