Men’s Bath Buffer by Spongelle

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Style: Cedar Absolute

Cedar Absolute
Bergamot Absolute
Style: Cedar Absolute, Bergamot Absolute
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The invigorating scent of these buffers is the perfect scent to kick-start your day, take to the gym or to refresh in the evenings. The Men's Super Buffer has a built in body wash that will transform his shower experience. Enriched with a blend of energizing extracts, this All In One Men’s Treatment will cleanse, scrub and hydrate for 12+ washes.

Fragrance Notes Verbena
Top: Apple, Pineapple, Rum
Middle: Clove, Sage, Pepper
Base: Sandalwood, Amber/Spicy, Vanilla



Fragrance Notes Bergamot 
Top: Juicy Orange, Lemon
Middle: Green Lilac
Base: Cedarwood, Amber


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Cedar Absolute, Bergamot Absolute