Blue Sage Smudge Sticks


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Blue Sage Smudge Sticks, hand tied and super fresh! Each stick is about 4" long +/-. We take deliveries of fresh wild harvested material frequently. We store the material in a controlled air condition environment to ensure it is super fresh when it reaches you. Natural item so please allow for some variance from item to item. String color may vary from batch to batch.


Make sure the room where you are smudging is well ventilated. Open all the doors and windows. This is essential to not only drive out the negative energies (provide them with a route out) but also as a health precaution. Do not use if you suffer from Asthma or have respiratory issues. Do not use near infants or young children or anyone who is or may be pregnant. Do not leave burning smudge unattended! If you are just starting out with smudging don't be too worried about which instructions are 'correct' or 'work best'. Do what works best for you and 'feels right’ for you. Your 'intention' is a key component of the ritual so be clear on what you want to achieve and keep that in mind as you perform the ritual. At the end of the ceremony make sure the stick is extinguished. You can crush the end in sand or dirt, place the cover of the pot over it or simply place the stick in the open water container.

Sticks I Sage High Quality 2 side cutted